Community Trust

If you are interested in supporting the Trust, please contact Caroline Richardson on 01277 844718.

The purpose and objects of the Trust are;

  • To improve the social wellbeing of the community of the region of Basildon, Essex formerly commonly known as Craylands including that part which has been subject to regeneration and renamed Beechwood Village

The Trust wants to develop a Beechwood Village that:

  • is a united place where different community groups live and work together
  • is a welcoming and safe space where all generations can live and meet
  • provides a place where the community can become fully integrated to build a better future for all
  • is a supportive and lively place

We feel passionately about the estate and want every individual of whatever age to realise their potential, to enable our local communities to be active in rebuilding, developing and flourishing and to make the most of the local area and community.

We are an ethnically diverse and richly mixed community comprising all age groups: we want to continue to build links and understanding across all sections, communities and age groups in our midst.

Our community includes many disadvantaged and isolated individuals and families as well as those who are more financially secure, confident and successful. We want to promote mutuality, and the development of all.

We want to meet the needs and interests of all, including those community members who we come across who live here on a more transitory or short term basis as well as those who have and or will live or work here for generations

We want to reach out to those of all ages, to promote equality, and understanding for and between all residents.

To submit your application online, please download the required file below, fill in the details and then upload the file using the form provided. Alternatively, please email your application to [email protected].

Grant Application Form Project Proposal Form Guidance Notes to Applicant

Online submission

We are looking for partners to help us deliver initiatives on Beechwood and Craylands. The current partnering opportunities are available in these documents.

 Community Cohesion  Tackling Fear of Crime

Trustee Profiles

Sandra Fawcett

Director (Chair)

Sandra is Executive Director - Operations at Swan Housing Association, an 11,000 home Registered Provider working in London and Essex. She has worked as a Director at Swan for 10 years and has over 25 years’ experience in the housing sector working for a range of London housing providers. Sandra is Chair of the BVCT and has had a key role in establishing the trust. She has considerable experience in improving customer facing services and also community regeneration with a focus on the important links between health, housing and wellbeing. Sandra is committed to ensuring that the trust is impactful and helps to enhance the lives of residents living in the Beechwood community.

Caroline Richardson

Director (Safeguarding and Data Protection lead)

Caroline is Head of Resident Involvement and Community Development for Swan Housing. She has worked in the social housing sector for the last 17 years across a variety of roles, but her passion remains in engagement and capacity building. She hopes to lend her expertise in this area to support the work planned by the Trust around enhancing the local community and environment. Caroline joined the Board of Trustees in 2016. She is the lead role for safeguarding and data projection on the Board.

Rab Fallon


Rab works at Basildon Council as a specialist on housing and estate regeneration matters. He has worked across many different aspects of housing provision during his career and now concentrates mainly on developing new homes. Rab has worked on the Fryerns and Craylands regeneration project since it began and is personally committed to bringing real improvements to the estate and to the quality of life of the residents.

Toby Blunsten


Toby is a professional Bid Writer for an SME construction company specialising in social housing. He grew up in Basildon and his family home for his first 11 years was on Ilmington Drive. Toby is also a masters student studying Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, which includes strategy, diplomacy and decision making. He seeks to bring the skills from his professional, student and personal life, including as a Parish Councillor, together to benefit residents and develop the community.

Debbie Hunt


Debbie is a Swan resident who is very community minded. She has been engaged with multiple projects including partnership days with with local Family fun days, International Day, the development of the Internet Cafe and Youth Club. She’s passionate about her community and hopes to share her experience to support the work planned by the Trust. Debbie joined the Board of Trustees in 2016.

Marlon Edwards


Marlon Edwards has over 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology field. He has worked within the National Health Service for over 12 years, and gained experience in Health Informatics, Management of Information Systems Technology, Performance Management, Workforce planning and Project Management background in both an acute and strategic setting. He is currently focusing on Leadership within the NHS after completing the Mary Seacole Programme from the NHS leadership Academy. Marlon believes that you can get the best out of people by being a role model and inspirational leader. Outside from work Marlon loves working with charities supporting audio visual activities/events.