How we can support you

The Consultation shop
The Beech Community Centre, 8 Austen Road, Basildon, Essex SS14 3RZ

The Consultation shop opened on 24th April 2006 where residents can find out more about the regeneration project and how it may affect them. The shop is staffed by Swan’s Community Consultation Officer and a representative from Basildon Borough Council.

Residents are be able to

  • view plans of the site and homes to be built
  • see a model of the proposed plan
  • arrange an appointment to speak to a member of the consultation team, Basildon Borough Council

Opening hours
Tuesday 10 -1pm and Thursday 3-6pm

Individual Appointments

You can make an appointment to speak to someone about your home, get help with rehousing or relocation or just discuss any queries you may have.

Freehold Owners and Leasehold Owners:
Our Community Consultation Officer is available to answer your queries.

Council tenants
Housing Strategy, Basildon Borough Council, Basildon Centre, St Martin’s Square
0800 073 0069 or email [email protected]

Private tenants, Housing Association Tenants
Please contact your landlord