Welcome to Beechwood!


The Craylands Estate and Fryerns School site are situated less than two miles from Basildon town centre.

Developed in the 1960s, the design of the present estate is no longer able to meet the needs of many of its residents. Through improved design, the regeneration project aims to provide accessible community space, greater levels of security and better vehiculer accessibilty and properties.

The aim of this site is to

  • inform residents what is happening
  • inform residents of support and assistance they can receive
  • inform residents how they can get involved in the development of the project
  • inform residents how they can keep up to date on the project


Read MoreIn 2005 English Partnerships (HCA) began a detailed consultation process with the local community, to understand the needs and concerns of Craylands residents. The feedback from local residents has helped produce a development framework.
During this time, a partnership has been built that includes:

  • Basidon Borough Council,
  • Homes & Communities Agency (HCA),
  • Swan Housing Association, and other key stakeholders to deliver a major regeneration project that aims to re-model the Craylands Estate and redevelop the former Fryerns School site as a sustainable community.